Saturday, January 24, 2009

Recommendation Request

I'm thinking of doing a post on "Lessons we've learned from Jack Chick" and covering a slew of his severely broken aesops. Any recommendations?


MWchase said...

The Contract! is probably a must. Partially for the villain ball Satan totes around in that oversized hat, and mostly because it's got the moral that it's okay to renege on contracts when the penalties for breaking contract are unenforceable, and you don't even have to give up what you got out of them.

... I know I'd like to be able to do that with EULAs.

Derek said...

Well, you've GOT to do Dark Dungeons, right?

It's not just Jack Chick's normal absurdity; it's also an attack on a dearly loved nerd pastime.

Which seems right up your alley.

Bronze Dog said...

Well, I did remix it for the first Image Dogtoring.