Friday, January 09, 2009

Those Stupid Stickers

PZ posted about another school trying to slap disclaimers on science textbooks. This is insane. You might as well say it about all of science, history, and heck, knowledge. You've probably heard rants similar to the one I'm about to go on, but I'll keep typing below the fold.

Seriously, fundies, why single out evolution? There are lots of things we know contradict what your religion says. Germ theory of disease, for example, contradicts the evil spirit "theory" of disease. Thermodynamics also contradicts Creationism: You can't create something from nothing, which is exactly what Creationism posits.

By the way, any of your redneck sector finish building a perpetual motion machine in their back yard? Any of your priests get your stone idol to create complex life by chanting an invocation and waving goat testicles over your head?

Seriously, that's the sort of thing evolution is up against. A complex theory with many successful predictions, zero contradicting evidence, and amazing explanatory power is up against people who believe and attempt to practice what is essentially witchcraft. Really. It's just that crazy when I try to wrap my head around it. We've sent people to the moon, stopped many diseases dead in their tracks, slam particles together at near light speed to figure out what everything's made of, and send encoded messages around the world with little plastic fold-up boxes like the one in front of me...

...And yet, we still have people in funny hats and robes speaking in dead languages to perform alleged metaphysical transmutations of bread products where they forgot the yeast to turn it into little pieces of a magic man who allegedly participated in a blood sacrifice to another thunderbolt wielding magic man in the sky. There's something fundamentally wrong with this picture.


King of Ferrets said...

Hey, hey, the languages aren't dead quite yet! They're still twitching.

Melissa Gay Art said...

"Fundamentally" being the operative word.

Bing said...

I am stealing your photograph, because it is the most awesome thing that has ever been achieved in the history of the world.