Thursday, January 29, 2009

Want to Poke a Dead Hornet's Nest?

Remember that MrFreeThinker troll who did a hit and run? He's apparently signed up for a poorly done blog for fake atheists. Want to poke at some of their stuff to show how skepticism is really done? I haven't gotten any replies to the comments I've left.

Seems one of my pokes got some minor bit of attention. It was just one question three minutes later, so I doubt he read my long comment. MWChase and I are working him, now.


MrFreeThinker said...

OK, I didn't do a hit and run. I got bored and left. If there's anything you would like to argue I guess we can. I saw you had a tangle with Nick back at my blog (smart guy-He's a seminary student).

Bronze Dog said...

You left two comments on two different threads and didn't bother responding for what, two weeks now? Sounds like a hit and run to me.

Then again, since you left before we replied, I guess that means you were talking to yourself, and first impressions lead me to believe that would be boring.