Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Barrier to "Macro" Evolution

It's been hard, but I've managed to piece it together from a bunch of inarticulate Creationists:

Creationists believe that when Adam named the animals, a magical fairy version of the animal appeared in Heaven called an "eidolon." Whenever a genetic change shows up in, say, the horse eidolon (which would the the horsiest horse who ever horsed) that it doesn't like, Plato, or rather, the idea of Plato hops on the eidolon's back, rides it down to Earth, where they shrink down to microscopic size and nibble off the offending gene inside the gamete.

This doesn't stop scientists from performing artificial speciation in the lab, because Plato's too camera shy, and is afraid of being seen on the microscopes.


Aaron Golas said...

Wait, who's doing the nibbling? The eidolon, or Plato?

MWchase said...

Maybe they start at opposite ends and meet at the middle, or something.

Don said...

Maybe scientists just don't have the right equipment that teaches them how to summon the eidolon. Or maybe Creationists stole all their peridots and garnets before they finished off the summon.

John said...

Makes as much sense as any of the stuff creationists claim. More sense than most of it, in fact. Plus it has the advantage of being internally consistent.