Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Recall #8

Did a bit of videogame browsing while the realty people were showing off the house. And I suddenly remembered a crappy episode of SeaQuest DSV (I don't remember enough of the series to know if it was uniformly crappy or not): The twisted Aesop: Videogames are bad, m'kay:

The crew gets sent to a future where kids grew up playing "Ultra Super Death Gore Fest Chainsawer 3000 Online With Real Mecha" and as a result society collapses because kids grow up only seeing each other as potential opponents, apparently because no one ever thought of co-op games or social networks.



MWchase said...

Maybe the lesson is that games where both players are excessively deferential despite trying to beat up each other's avatars are the way to go.

Etiquette Deathmatch!

"I say, good sir. I do believe you may have just ninja'd my kill."
"I find that base accusation an affront to my honor, and I do believe our grievances toward each other may be settled only with a duel."

That randomness aside, I think the episode should have taken a more subtle tack; Pole Position becomes the most popular game ever, and suddenly nobody can drive properly.

Anonymous said...

The first season of Seaquest was quite enjoyable on the whole. And then the second and third seasons blew it all to hell. They should have cancelled SeaQuest after season 1 and given the budget to Earth2.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, that's the only episode that I remember of the show.