Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some Helpful Advice for Fundies

Stumbled on this while reading some comments over at PZ's place. In short, this guy suggests to fundies that talking about the supposed joys of heaven or the horrors of hell doesn't impress us atheists. He goes on to talk about the drawbacks to interruption marketing and so forth. He proposes what is, in short, a more effective strategy:


Of course, if Christians manage to put together a good, deserved reputation, it won't convince me of the truth of their claims alone. But it'd go a long way towards convincing me that there's the possibility of civilized dialogue. Fundies have done a great deal of damage to their religion by being amoral assholes more concerned with trivialities than real morality. At the very least, if the non-fundies can successfully and consistently disown the fundies on their outskirts, we could spend more time tackling fundies of other regions and religions. Instead, thanks to the "Amway Christians", we end up having to focus on anarchists who want to tear down our homelands' rule of law so that they can get special, exclusive preaching privileges to shove ads down our throats on our tax dollars.

I really hope that article changes some fundie minds so that I can focus my blogging energy on other topics more effectively. There's no shortage of astrologers, alties, and so on out there.


King of Ferrets said...

You sure about that last sentence? I wish I could post more on them, but I never find the damn stuff (at least before other people, anyway)

MWchase said...

I'll dogpile onto that. I tried poking one of John W. Locust's new blogs and it was just boooring...

But yeah. I think getting into arguments without covering the First Cause, whatever that is, would be a wonderful change of pace.

(BTW... had a chance to work through those instructions I sent? I have no real idea how easy they are to follow.)

Bronze Dog said...

I'll probably try working my way through them tomorrow. I'm juggling some stuff alongside my postings, today.

MWchase said...

It's cool. I was more asking King of Ferrets, since I knew he was interested in helping out. (I'm not sure how much programming help is needed, honestly. At this stage, the issues are along the lines of "Do a whole bunch of linear algebra and differential equations", so I think I'm supposed to be the one in charge of that, for now.)

But yeah, like I said, I could definitely use some variety in woo.

King of Ferrets said...

I haven't tried following them yet. They looked confusing, but I'll see if I can figure 'em out sometime in the next couple days.