Friday, March 20, 2009

Do Over!: Trekkie Mix 'n Match Edition

So, in a few comments or somewhere, I may have mentioned something I thought would be interesting, and I imagine some of my Trek-loving readers can probably help fill in details: The Next Gen crew is my favorite Star Trek crew, but DS9 is my favorite setting. So, what'd happen if you mixed the two together? Replace the Star Fleet portion of DS9's cast with the Next Gen crew: Kira, Quark, Garak, and so forth are still there, but have to mesh with different people. Some thoughts of mine:

Originally, the writers intended for Ro Laran to be on DS9, but because Michelle Forbes wasn't interested, they made Kira. It might be an interesting can of worms to contemplate.

Picard would have an interesting time if he ended up the Emissary, not wanting to violate the Prime Directive. He's already been briefly worshiped as a god, and I don't think he'd enjoy being Space Jesus.

Not sure how Data would fit in: He'd probably do well in Dax's job as a science officer, since his 88 petabytes of memory would give him something comparable to Dax's multiple lifetimes' experience. Of course, Data would be in a very different character role. I suppose he might find some kind of kinship with Odo, since they're both outsiders among organic humanoids.

Deanna's kind of hard to work with because, well, you probably know why. Guess she could do something with Keiko's school and/or serve in a diplomatic capacity.

Wesley'd probably fill out the role of Jake Sisko, only in a more annoying manner. Have a hard time imagining him forming a friendship with Nog, though.

Might need to give thought to Geordi versus Miles for the role of chief engineer. The chief was already in the show, but was also on the Enterprise.

So anyway, begin discussion.


King Aardvark said...

Hmm, no ones discussing.

I didn't really like the setting of DS9. The cardassians are a B-list enemy and the bajorans and their freakin prophets were just annoying. I do appreciate that the fixed setting aspect allowed for real story arcs, political intrigue and stuff like that, but I actually preferred the stand-alone episodes that a trekking Star Trek provided. For DS9, it's not Star Trek, it's Star Just Sit There.

As for the mix n match exercise, I'd just like to say that Troi should not be included, because she's, to put it mildly, useless and annoying.

Clint Bourgeois said...

I grew up watching NG, but I never got into DS9, probably because that's when high school started and I started to get busy with various extracurricular activities.

So I have nothing to add. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I like Sisko a thousand times more than effing Picard, so this topic is like anathema to me. I just don't get Picard's appeal. Is it the head-shine? There just don't seem to be any character arcs in TNG, besides Data and maybe Worf. The characters don't have any motivation.

And I'd much rather have Bashir than Wesley's Mom. Seriously, why did Gates McFadden even have a character to play?

Anonymous said...

And Troi, jezus, Troi. Why don't they just rename her Busty McFanservice? No other purpose on the entire series.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'd put any other Star Trek series ahead of TNG in terms of watchability. Yes, even Voyager. I mean, TNG's not bad, but compared to the others it's like watching cardboard cutouts.

MWchase said...

I suppose that would make Q-less just that much more painful...

(Note that my principal exposure to Star Trek is via the Opinionated Episode Guides. I am lazy. Or something.)

King Aardvark said...

Come on Stogoe, Voyager was horrible (other than Seven - most people don't look that good in a bodysuit).

But I will agree that TNG's characters were flat. I actually did enjoy most of the characters on DS9 more.

Re: Picard
Mainly, it's just the voice. Peter on Family Guy was on to something.