Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doggerel Request April 2009

Just thought I'd check up on new ideas for Doggerel, and maybe do an inventory of ones I haven't used yet. In the big round number department, I've reserved some slots:

#190: "Nothing"
#200: "You Just Tear Things Down!"

Drop suggestions in the comments.


speedweasel said...

I hate it when woo-meisters label my viewpoint as 'REDUCTIONIST' like thats a pejorative.

"Umm yes, thats sort of how science works there Deepak!"

jcairo said...

Here's one:

"Your logical certainty must make you very lonely"

This from a group of disingenuous prevaricators who appear to be unable to delineate between the reference and fiction sections of the library and after I had posted many links to sites like "what's the harm" or 2%Co - which were not given any due consideration as a matter of course.

Other gems:

"psychics are politcally savvy because they're more sensitive"

"a more open mind can be had through the use of LSD, shrooms and cannibis"

"those who are 40+ years old turn to religion, not out of fear of death, but through the body producing cannabinoids"

"voting is very important, but if we don't vote (in large vocal numbers) as a form of protest, we'll be told who won anyway"...

Like your blog

still looking for game programming input?

Bronze Dog said...

Yeah, I'm still looking for game input, though GDL's in a slow phase right now. I'm spending more of my free time at a comic shop without wireless.

MWchase said...

Whereas I have internet pretty much constantly. So I've really been overposting.

Anyway, do you mind if I start up a public blog for the stuff I feel comfortable working on in public? (Currently, the tech tree stuff, which is already public, if not garnering interest, and a rendering... thing... that will be interesting to code and, ideally, useful.)

Bronze Dog said...

Go right ahead. The privacy of GDL's mostly for me.

Dark Jaguar said...

Have you done "It's common knowledge!" yet? I've been hearing this one debating with a few people over the years and they tend to just toss it out in a dismissive manner when I question one or two major assumptions or claims on their part.

MWchase said...

Well, I've started bashing out stuff at my new blog. The current project post isn't much new, but the latest post needs comment, even if only to say "Nope, I didn't see us moving in that direction." If that's the case, it's best that I know, right? Over the weekend, I hope to do a more technical post.

(The sidebar is for GDL-related links. Anybody wants in, I'll probably add.) (Also, I wouldn't say no to other contributors.)

Oh, right! Doggerel... Do we have anything along the lines of 'obvious'?

Tom Foss said...
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Tom Foss said...
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Tom Foss said...

Related to what Dark Jaguar said, "Common Sense" deserves an epic entry. Woos of all sorts love to bring it out as if it's actually a useful way to determine truth, instead a set of rules-of-thumb derived from everyday experience and traditional "wisdom."

Have you done "wisdom" yet, for that matter?

Tom Foss said...
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Tom Foss said...

I fail at commenting.

Or, I over-succeed!