Friday, April 17, 2009


In the Beginning, a Nothing storm randomly stirred up a lot of Nothing and assembled an infinitely intelligent god with infinite power who created the universe. We know Nothing did this because Nothing could create a god of such vast complexity. This god created the universe in six days and slacked off for the seventh, and did so in a way that just happened to look like an orderly progression of branches that lines up with evolution. He did this because the Nothing that created him gave him the random desire to make life to look like it had the distribution of features indicative of a nested hierarchy.

There's Nothing that indicates any of this happened. Creationists take this matter very seriously. For them, Nothing is sacred. Nothing is worth fighting for. Nothing is worth dying for. For Creationists, Nothing is more important than life-saving advancements in science, the pursuit of the truth, and academic standards.

This even extends to social matters. Nothing forbids Creationists from standing up for equal rights for those of a different sexual orientation or those of different beliefs. Nothing is held higher than justice, equality, and fairness.

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Don said...

If Nothing is so damn dangerous how come I don't get to ride a giant semi-retarded flying dogsnake?