Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pointless Fun: War of the Lions

Just saw this at TIGS. Haven't played it yet, but thought I'd give some indirect linky support. Update to come after I've played it. Hope Anubis is on the roster, since most of you humans tend to over-represent your own species when you invent deities.


MWchase said...

Well, the screencap has Ganesha, so that's something.

(Is there a mirror somewhere? I'm too lazy to check right now, and I've got work besides.)

I wonder if the outrage over this is more of that 'subjecting religion to the marketplace of ideas' thing... It's not strange to make a game centered around some prevalent aspect of culture (Tetris, for example, was heavily focused on the elimination of lines.), but it does change the dynamic, I think, from religion-on-a-pedestal to religion as just another part of culture.

(Which it, um, is.)

King of Ferrets said...

Think the only non-human was Ganesha. Been a while since I played it, though.

Dark Jaguar said...

Yog Soggoth would be fun.