Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pointless Question #53

I'm going to be getting back to the roots of the original PQ in this one: So, you've been training in simulators and have gotten high marks. You've gotten your own mech and survived a long time despite the short life expectancies of mooks.

So, what you going to do when you when it's time for an upgrade? Steal the super prototype? Get some custom work done to break from the crowd? Or just paint the whole thing red because, you know, red ones go three times faster?

Oh, and bumped into this guy's stuff.


MWchase said...

Glowsticks. As many as I can manage. Even if they don't actually confer any extra power or abilities, they'll still scare everyone on the other side away.

King of Ferrets said...

Build my own that works exactly like this one, except as a mech instead of a battlesuit.

Probably make a couple improvements to that design. I remember I thought of a few, though I can't remember them at the moment.

MWchase said...

Well, that depends on the style of the setting... Is it a Timmy-style more dakka affair, or is this more of a show off tactics setup?

Or maybe the underdog always wins, and the best design is one based off of Lil' Brudder.

Dark Jaguar said...

I pick none of the above. I'm the unlucky one that got the very last armor with no special addons or features at all, but either through flukes or not being "burdened" by extra stuff, I manage to somehow get ahead of everyone else.