Saturday, May 02, 2009

D&Dify Some Stuff #3

I've got a diverse collection of stuff in mind for this session. I'm working towards 4th Edition, but feel free to make up stats for other editions or systems you like.

1. Icy Manipulator: Artifact I'm going to try to pick up a few copies of. For non-Magic players, tapping something pretty much means using up something's power for the turn. Continuous effects aren't affected.

2. Clockwork Steed: Could be an interesting mount. Winding it back up could be annoying.

3. Crosis's Attendant: Not interested in D&Difying it. I just found a Japanese one in a commons box. Looks awfully like someone who did well in theaters about a year ago.

4. In the original Armored Core, there's a pair of arms with the highest defensive stats. They've got a big pair of long horizontal cylinders for the shoulders. Big enough to prevent the use of most weapons in the two back hard points. Don't know why, but I liked the idea behind 'em, even if the loss of two weapons crippled you in those old days. I've been trying to think of some defensive magic item to go with the idea, up to including a pair of those cylinders that hover by the user's shoulders. It's mostly about the aesthetic.

5. Those of you who have Arcane Power, it'd be nice to hear some familiar ideas. I haven't been able to settle on a standard one for a desert sorcerer/ranger of mine.

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