Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vyvanse Discussion Thread

I mentioned a while back in another meatspace thread that I've started on Vyvanse for ADHD. I'm good at spotting fundamental fallacies in altie talk about drugs that tweak our heads, but I thought I'd see if I had any medical-leaning readers who might know something right off I probably wouldn't find in simple searches. I'm currently got my mind on other things like moving, so those of you willing to save me some time sifting through the good and bad information will be appreciated.

I'm also on (a generic substitute for) Lexapro, and the drowsiness from it has done okay so far to cancel out insomnia.


Suzanna said...

vyvanse is pretty sweet. if your dosage is too low, it can take a really long time to kick in, upwards of 4 hours at times. it doesn't decrease the appetite too much, but there's still a little difference. also, you won't notice you can't get to bed until you're lying there waiting to fall asleep. it's different for every person. no constipation or any of that shit (pun intended) that is experienced with a lot of other adhd meds. however, i have noticed that compared to other medications, the focusing effect seems to wear off well before expected or anticipated. but, the anxiety is decreased a lot with this medication. it's different for everyone, but i find that this medication is milder on the bad side effects than other medications. however, the good effects are also truncated. hope this helps. all based on experience. 50mgs vyvanse in the morning and a 10mg quick release adderall seems to be the perfect combination for someone 5'4 and 110lbs :P however, if you're on lexapro (or something similar), you know about the afternoon naps and stuff, so you might be able to escape the insomnia if you tweak the times you take the antidepressant

OneWayTicket said...

I just started Vyvanse today, took my first dose of 20mgs. Yes that is very low, my Psych insisted on it. I will see him in 3wks so guess I will go up in dose then. I hope this works, a lifetime of undiagnosed ADD has been rough as you can imagine. Hopefully I can focus so I achieve my life long dreams. Untreated ADD really effects all aspects of achievement and I am READY to be done with that.

Bronze Dog said...

Since I've been on Vyvanse for a while, thought I'd mention I'm thinking of it like most people probably think about a morning cup of coffee. So far, I only have to deal with occasional dry throat and my apartment suddenly becoming presentable as side effects.