Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Bit of Trading

Since I've been...

Wait a second... (Dons his +6 Robe of Defying Flames)

...Since I've been updating to D&D's 4th Edition, I was thinking of trading in some old 3.x splatbooks and such. Generally keeping some of the fluffier stuff and monster books, since the ideas don't get old, just the statistics. Anyway, here's a list in case any of you want to trade me an apartment-warming gift for some books.

3.0 Stuff:
Epic Level Handbook
Arms and Equipment Guide
Stronghold Builder's Guidebook
Magic (AEG book with weird spellcaster classes)
Enemies and Allies (NPC and iconic character stats)
Full set of the thin 3.0 class splatbooks.

Mongoose Publishing (3.0):
Ultimate Feats
Ultimate Arcane Spellbook
Ultimate Divine Spellbook
Ultimate Magic Items
Ultimate Games Designer Companion (Mostly about d20 rules for vehicles, armies, new skills, etcetera)
Encyclopedia Arcane (Thin book about constructs)
Power Classes: Artificer and Alchemist (Pamphlet-sized base classes)

3.5 Edition:
Player's Handbook (I've got one of the leather bound ones that's more up to date on errata, allegedly)
Expanded Psionics Handbook
The Book of Nine Swords
Weapons of Legacy
Dragon Magic
Spell Compendium
Magic Item Compendium
Complete Psionic, Adventurer, Divine, Champion, Warrior, Scoundrel (I'm keeping Mage and Arcane for now)

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