Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Stuck Offline For Longer

I left a comment recently after my moving-related absence, expecting to get on with posting, soon. You may have to wait a bit longer. My cable modem's gone as slow as molasses, which has severely hampered my ability to catch up with the blogosphere. Cable guy's coming tomorrow to fix it, and given how quickly and effectively the first guy handled some TV issues, I think I'll be up to high speed, soon.

Despite not being up to the minute, I think I can tell you I've got some Oprah-inspired posts to make. I've gotten plenty of reason to despise her, lately.


Valhar2000 said...

Be careful what you say about Oprah, man! She controls most of the women of America! Your ability to get laid could be seriously compromised!

Lifewish said...

I feel your pain, man. Finally got a mobile broadband dongle so I'm up and running, but time spent without intarwebz is always a long dark teatime of the soul.

Ryan Michael said...

Only buttholes disappear for lengths at a time...oh, wait.

Yeah, I'm back for awhile again.

Love ya brotha!