Sunday, June 28, 2009

D&Dify Some Stuff #5

WANTED: Individuals of varied talents to join a new secretive group devoted to sabotaging aggressive military groups and retrieving stolen relics and confiscated arcane literature.

Uniform: Black and gray camo with hexagonal shoulder guard and individualized animal/magical beast mask. Each member is assigned a number.

Current members: Captains 16, 25, and 36.

Must have some talent for secrecy or stealth, or barring that, exceptional ability to avoid capture. Nonlethal methods of disabling opponents strongly preferred. We have a reputation to build.

Positions in higher demand:

Intelligence officer: 16 needs an ally to gather information on war machines in development, as well as tracking of goods stolen from recently invaded cities.

Meat Shield: Combat role of questionable glory: Must be able to protect softer, magically-oriented allies from enemy advances and be hardy enough to withstand the bulk of an assault.

Okay, now out of character: Been writing up a group like this made of some of my characters, and ideas for some additional members would be nice. The three mentioned captains are 12th level in 4th Edition stats, and have the Leader, Striker, and Controller roles filled, and need a Defender to round out. Feel free to drop in any character concepts, even if it's just for some of the lower ranks.


Joshua said...

One of the 3rd Edition supplementals had a class called the Scout that relied on, basically, just moving around a lot. He got a damage bonus equivalent to the Rogue's sneak attack for any round where he moved more than 10 feet.

You could accomplish something similar by just having a Rogue who eschews the hidey skills in favour of jumping and tumbling to flank people for sneak attacks.

But I've got Rogues on the brain since I just rolled one up a couple of weeks ago. Also, I've got actual game mechanics on the brain. But you can generalise the suggestions above as "The Agile Guy Who Moves Around a Lot". Agility being helpful in sneaking around and evading capture as well as in combat, of course.

Bronze Dog said...

#36's dad was one, though I ended up moving him back to bow-wielding Ranger for 4th Ed. (Never felt right to me that Rangers got spellcasting) #36 himself is a Cosmic Sorcerer multiclassing into Ranger for mobility and stealth related stuff. Under current write up, Stealth is his best skill, and well: Wildrunners on his feet, Fleetfooted feat, Fast runner feat, and a Ranger utility power that gives him +4 to speed until the end of his next turn, well, if things go sour, I believe the term is "booking."