Saturday, June 20, 2009


Net's been pretty slow today, so I haven't been able to play catchup for the dead week. Not going to be fun having "high speed internet" only during off hours.

So anyway, alongside those books I'm willing to trade in, I've been cutting down on the clutter. So far, I'm pretty well down to just the videogames I want to hold onto, and I now have $76 worth of store credit at Game Exchange, plus whatever I'll get for my PS1 after I move my saves onto my PS3's hard drive.

I'm contemplating getting a Sega Dreamcast, or at least a region-free emulator, since I think that's within the capabilities of my laptop. I've heard of some good-sounding shmups for the system, like Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga, and a Darius title or two. I don't know much else, other than the fact that the local shop seems to attract the really crappy-looking crap. Any recommendations?


Dark Jaguar said...

Ikaruga is on the 360 now so don't get a Dreamcast just for that.

Other than that, Sea Man's a classic.

I should warn you about the PS3. A few games have some issues running in the PS1 emulation. Of course that's no big deal until you want to play one of those games. Namely, Silent Hill won't be doing so well on that system. Every time you shoot something, an annoying high pitched noise starts coming out of the speakers, and it DOES NOT STOP until you quit the game.

I do expect them to resolve this when Konami gets around to putting Silent Hill on the online store though.

Bronze Dog said...

I don't want to get a 360 for Ikaruga, either, especially since it's more expensive. I do know there's a Game Cube version out there, though.

Thanks for the note on Silent Hill, though I don't think I'll be picking up that series. I'm a bit faint of heart when it comes to survival horror. It's been bad enough with Metroid Prime in dark corridors an-