Monday, October 12, 2009

A Mech By Any Other Theme Name

Thanks to a bit of advice I got in a chat, I finally beat Armored Core: For Answer's third (very evil) ending. Turns out the answer was just to do what I do best: Snipe the enemy from far away, retreat when they get close. I was buying into a few too many gimmick builds for heavy damage. (It probably didn't help that I downloaded new regulations that might have nerfed Kojima weaponry.)

So anyway, I'm thinking about redoing my collection of AC schematics. The theme was inspired by the first few episodes of RahXephon: The show had a couple mechs named Allegro and Fortissimo, and I thought that was awesome, so now I name my mechs after types of songs and dances.

Aria: My usual sniper build, focused for dueling.

Nocturne: Variant on Aria that I'll make for teamwork.

Waltz: Fast, light blader.

Duet: General design, intend to find some way to make it work especially well in Co-op mode. (Anyone got the game and want to help me get all the S-Ranks?)

Overture: Heavy biped with large cannons.

Jitterbug: Going for a light "missile boat" design.

Dirge: Environmentally unfriendly Kojima Weaponry.

Static: Lightweight with rapid fire weapons.

So, anyone got suggestions for designs based on the naming theme?


MWchase said...

I wonder if Fugue would be a viable setup... You'd need a couple distinct weapon groups that work in complementary fashions. Sadly, I can't make any real suggestions, because I don't own any consoles on which I could run the game, and this is just a throwaway comment before I get to bed, so no research right now.

Dark Jaguar said...

If you want robots named after music, how can you not have twin robots named "Rock" and "Roll"?

Bronze Dog said...

Wow, that's a lot of platinum I'm looking at. (Got a lot of S-Ranks.)

On Fugue: One thing that comes to mind is missiles plus a short range weapon (shotguns, machine guns, grenades). Rationale: Sometimes the best way to dodge missiles is to charge forward and to one side.