Friday, October 30, 2009

Wasting Money

I'm contemplating seeing "Fourth Kind," an alien abduction movie, and reviewing it. May need to bring a note pad, since I doubt I'd be allowed to bring in my laptop. Any thoughts?


Dark Jaguar said...

I'm generally fine with fiction going on about alien encounters, but is it just me or are the previews attempting to try and indirectly say it's all real? I mean, it's like that paranormal activity movie they bit the style of to make this movie. I mean maybe not, it might just be part of the "illusion" since it's got that "documentary" look to it.

At any rate, it does kinda seem stupid to me. I just don't get all that horrified by "possesion" any more. I always hear about how terrifying Excorsist is supposed to be, but every time they try to prove it with some clip from the movie, it just seems so cheesy.

Don said...

My understanding is that the "true cases" referenced are just a handful of unsolved disappearances. So the entire plot of the movie is contrived, but they play the "true cases" card anyway. What a load.

Nes said...

I had a lot more written but ran in to a 404 when I tried to preview and lost it all, so I'll just sum it up:

Read the title of your post.

Tom Foss said...

As far as I'm concerned, bad movies aren't a waste of money in two cases:
1. When they're so bad they're good (or at least entertainingly awful).
2. When they give you something to write about.

I'm speaking from experience, here. One thing I'd recommend, though, is to go to a matinee. The sting of paying theater prices for a bad movie isn't quite so bad if you're paying matinee prices. Also, if you can follow it up with a good movie afterward--particularly a good movie on similar themes or in a similar genre--it tends to make the night better.

In any case, you won't be the only skeptic going to see--and likely blogging about--"The Fourth Kind." If $7.50 in the pockets of one woo-merchant Hollywood producer is what it costs to write a post explaining all the flaws in the film's premises, then that's not such a bad sacrifice.

See also: 2012.

Dark Jaguar said...

What's a matinee anyway? I hear the word on TV but have never seen a theater with the words matinee on it in real life, nor those "show biz" lights or giant velvet curtains.

Bronze Dog said...

Some theaters have a time when tickets are cheaper. Usually in the middle of the week, early afternoon. That's a matinee, at least in my experience.

Dark Jaguar said...

Ah I see. If any of the local theaters do that, they don't seem to advertise it.

I'm actually more interested in seeing "The Box", wondering how they managed to work in high octane explosions and car chases into a Twilight Zone story.