Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pointless Question #68

Okay, so you understand the symbolism, figured out that the cross-eyed angel statue in the Vatican comic shop is a reference to an unreleased Beatles song, and are about to blow the whole masquerade wide open so that people will KNOW the squirrels from Ceti Alpha 5 are pulling the Illuminati's strings.

Why the heck did they leave those clues? Who does the lead squirrel think he is? The Riddler?


Dweller in Darkness said...

Easy. The symbols are things Man (or, in this case, Non-Rodent) Is Not Meant To Know. Or Notice.

This is why Dan Brown is, in fact, writing his own version of the Left Behind series. Both series have secret knowledge that they use to fight a shadowy, unrealistic monolithic religion.

Although I'd argue Kirk Cameron has better hair than Tom Hankes.

Bronze Dog said...

How'd you know I was reading Dan Brown?

Don said...

Why does Bowser leave "?" blocks full of fire flowers and power mushrooms on the way to his castle?

Same answer.

MWchase said...

I thought those were the corpses of the subjects of the Mushroom Kingdom. Evil magic turned them into bricks, or something.

Clint Bourgeois said...

The squirrels were aspiring movie producers and thought that it would make for a good screenplay.