Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Systems Check

One thing that's sometimes annoying: I don't think anyone on my PSN friends list is from my chunk of the blogosphere. Anyone here got a PS3 at all? I might as well ask who's got what systems, just so that I can remember. And maybe contemplate getting an X-Box when I see the massive list. Please, no system wars here.

My long, nostalgic list: NES, SNES, N64, Wii, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS (non-Lite), PS1 to PS3, Old PSP (for homebrew), PSP Slim (to be kept up to date), 3-in-1 (NES, SNES, Genesis)


Dweller in Darkness said...

PS2 and a Wii. The PS2, I'm kind of stalled out on and I don't have any new games for the Wii, so both are collecting dust.

Used to have a kickass collection of Nintendo and Genesis ROMs, though.

djfav said...

As you know, PS3.

Multiplayer, anyone?

Bronze Dog said...

Would be nice to try 5-way Civ: Revolutions someday. AIs aren't much of a challenge.

Infophile said...

*Raises hand* Got a PS3 here, though I haven't gotten into any multiplayer games on it yet.

Bronze Dog said...

*sneaks in Infophile's bedroom and whispers in his ear as he sleeps*

"Buy Armored Core: For Answer... Buy Armored Core: For Answer... Boy, do I hope Infophile hasn't read how subliminal messages are bunk..."

Oh, and Civ: Revolutions, too.

Anonymous said...

Well, I do not own either a Playstation or Wii, nor X-Box, I prefer the real world, 'out there' as you may call it, Dragonland perhaps, Who knows.

I did own a Playstation once, I bought it because I lived in a very secluded area and there was not much to do, I only played one game, manhunter I think it was called, you where suppose to kill people in, erh, cool ways, was fun for about one hour and then it was no point in playing.

I do honor the old Nintendo games, not that I play them, I did when I was younger, late 80s early 90s, the games, compared to today, held quality, they where good, the music was excellent and the stories was superior to most of the junk we have today, so yes, that was good, but that is time wasters, not real life, you guys sohuld get out more as it seems you waste an awful lot of time playing games.

Wii seems good as well, I understood it supports old Nintendo games, good for the nostalgic in you, or when inviting friends, but I suspect the only time you guys socialize is when you have the Role playing parties and pointy ears, am I right?

Yeah, I am.

Bronze Dog said...

Yeah, you're right because you saw comedically exaggerated geeks on television sitcoms, and television never lies. Ever.

Praise be to the flat screened God.

Anonymous said...

I do not watch tv either Bronze, self-projection is high this year isn't it.

I do not even own a tv, I see no use to it, If I want ot watch tv, I just use my computer (but I dont, I guess there is nothing that interest me on the oprah winfrey and ricki lake shows you watch).

Bronze Dog said...

Then why cite television stereotypes as if they were gospel truth?

Or were you making shit up that coincidentally matches up with the pop culture stereotypes?

Oh, and I absolutely despise Oprah. Never watched Ricki Lake.

Anonymous said...

No, I was not 'making up stereotypes', I said what I suspect you live your life, are you saying I am wrong? Fine.

Sorry, Oprah and Ricki is the only ones I know, and yes, this Jerry something. I do not know if any of them are still online, I heard Oprah winfrey is popular so I assume she is still doing her show.

I can on the other hand admit good quality shows, but they are far and few between but I would certainly not sit infront of a tv to hope they jump up, i rather download them/buy the dvd or whatever.

Anyway, you claim I am wrong then? Considering you claim that Aliens being syuperior to us is not superior.... no never mind..

Tell me, does the word 'Superior' have any use in todays language? Does it mean anything? Aliens are not superior to humans if they have superior technology, so the word superior means nothing, I just want to know, What DOES superior mean to Bronze dog, or is it a obsolete word no longer in use as nothing is superior/inferior anymore? (all is equal acording to you it seems).

Bronze Dog said...

Wow, you really are functionally illiterate. Your hypothetical aliens WERE (past tense) technologically superior to humans at the start. But then they got the humans up to speed, so the humans would be technological equals after that learning process.

Of course, that's only a temporary, circumstantial difference. So, are you giving up on arguing for inherent, built-in differences? Because that's what it sounds like.

King of Ferrets said...

List: SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Gameboy Advance, DS, PS2, Xbox 360.

Don said...

Gabe: fuck off, you pig-ignorant, racist douche. We got over being made fun of for being geeks in middle school.

BD: No PS3. Perhaps someday when it accumulates more games I want to play. The PSP recently reached that tipping point of desirable games vs. cost, so I'll be getting one of those soon (but not until I buy a Palm Pre). Currently, I have a Wii, a 360 (which means nothing in this context because I don't play online with it and don't even have a gold Live membership), a DS, and a PS2 that, after all these years, still gets far more playtime than any other recent system.

Only my SNES gives it a run for its money, oddly enough.

Tom Foss said...

I have a PS2, a Gamecube, and a 360. I don't plan on getting a PS3 in the near future--too much money, not enough games I want (is God of War 3 out yet?), and I'd rather get a Wii first.

But 360 players can find me as Eratosthenes83...on those rare occasions when I'm on Live, anyway. If only Batman were multiplayer.

No, I was not 'making up stereotypes', I said what I suspect you live your life, are you saying I am wrong? Fine.

Oh, I see, Gabe. You weren't making up stereotypes, you were just making statements based on a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group.

Valhar2000 said...

I have a PC, thank you very much, and with its superior processing ability I can play with gra`phics that will leave your puny ssytems in the dust!

At least, I will until the gaming studios decide to drop the PC market completely and develop only for consoles. Sigh...

Dunc said...

I don't game any more, having far too many other things I want to do with my time. Which is not to say that there's anything wrong with gaming - the world is full of hobbies I don't participate in. Now, fucking golfers, on the other hand... ;)

Moronic troll is a moron.

Bronze Dog said...

The funny thing: It seems that all the pro-science people I know happen to be some form of geek. There's a reason I tend to hear about skeptic panels being at that DragonCon thing.

I love Star Trek, but every Trekkie I know could tell you there's no way in hell we could make that technology practical: It'd take even the best computer millions of years to shuffle all the data (and that's not just processor speed, that's speed of light limits on the signals traveling through the circuits) and probably a few dozen suns worth of energy. And that's before you hit the simple thing known as Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty. (And why they need the magic of "Heisenberg compensators" in the technobabble.)

How do the Heisenberg compensators work?

As some of the show's writers said, "They work just fine, thank you."

The idiots who can't tell shows like Star Trek are just escapist fantasy dressed up in "sciency" trappings are embarrassments to the vast majority of us fans. I sincerely hope that if I ever go to a Con, I'll succeed in avoiding eye contact with those crazies and find some sensible fans to reminisce with.

Of course, since Hollywood doesn't find us regular fans funny, they have to exaggerate the crazies and try to pass them off as the average fan.

Anonymous said...

The Gerbil squeeked:

"Tell me, does the word 'Superior' have any use in todays language? Does it mean anything? Aliens are not superior to humans if they have superior technology"

You were referring to alien tech in the context of humans understanding and using it. To give an example from reality, the Chinese invented rockets. Us westerners took that tech and modified it to produce vehicles capable of reaching orbit. Now by your stupid standards we're inferior to Chinese people, because the tech originated with them.

"... so the word superior means nothing, I just want to know, What DOES superior mean to Bronze dog, or is it a obsolete word no longer in use as nothing is superior/inferior anymore? (all is equal acording to you it seems)."

You don't half waffle on about nothing, Gerbil. We all want to know why you don't recognise the fact that your little idea of racial superiority has just been blown out of the water?
Or are you just going to prevaricate to avoid the fact that your ideas have been soundly beaten by reality?
Quick Gerbil! Post some more redneck wankfantasy fairy stories and try to pass them off as relevant to the real world!
Go on Gerbil Gabriel, squeek some more and run away from reality!


MWchase said...

I had some handhelds, but right now I've nothing but computer games.

Anonymous said...

I heard (a while back) that Carrier Command is getting a Remake. For the ones here not aware of the Amiga/AtariST timeperiod Carrier Command was a very good Strategy game.

Now, the difference from past and present is that the old games, just gaming back to say, the old (or new depending on) Nintendo period, the old time made better games. Better story, better music, you name it, but most imporantly it was HARD.

Today you can practically take any game out there and finish it in a day or less, with few exceptions, I do not know why this is, but thats how it was.

Now Carrier Command is a game (the original) that I doubt many people succeeded in finishing, and the few who has played a Action sceario rather then Tactical. Myself, I love Carrier Command and finish it easily, but that is just because I Love the game, dedicated time to play it and truly learn it, this new Game is on the other hand a rather insult to its original.

As the Game is not out until '10, I cant say much, but my prediction is a complete destruction of the original game, a game (if single player) can be finished rather quick, compared to the original where you truly needed to be skilled. It would be lovely ig they made a depiction of the ORIGINAL High Quality game with one of todays engine, terrific, a salut to the old genre indeed, but I just think they will make a crappy game losely based on the original, thats how the game companies seem to work, get a quick uck out of the name and no care for quality.

Either way, I probably will never play it, but no doubt it will be relesed on PS3 and others as well.

King of Ferrets said...

Better story: Bullshit. The stories of those games were practically nonexistent.

Better music: It was just a different style, really. More computerized and less like the actual played music.

You name it: Worse graphics, a strong tendency towards fake difficulty, massive hardware limitations.

Old games really weren't all that much better than new games.

Bronze Dog said...

All true. Us retro gamers have just had more times to sift the diamonds from all the crap.

I like games that recreate the good stuff from those diamonds.

MWchase said...

Ooh, ooh! Gabe! Play La-Mulana! It is a retro-game of some kind or another!

Bronze Dog said...

While reading an Armored Core forum, topic: New AC part ideas, I found someone linking to this chunk of awesome.

King of Ferrets said...

I've seen that before; it's somewhat popular at a forum I frequent.

Stogoe said...

I've just got a Wii. I kinda would like to get a 360, honestly, but I have neither the free time or the extra cash floating about to purchase and enjoy a new game system. Heck, I don't even play my Wii often enough.

I love Star Trek, but every Trekkie I know could tell you there's no way in hell we could make that technology practical:
I dunno, I mean we've got energy weapons, railguns, 3D displays and augmented-reality Heads-up-displays already, and they'll be everywhere within a generation at most. Heck, we've got flying robot drones patrolling the skies and we're making progress on bending visible spectra around objects (cloaking). The future is now. Sure there are limits, but we're creating the technology of science fiction today because the creators grew up watching sci-fi and wanting those things to be real.

Bronze Dog said...

Yeah, I know about that stuff, but I mostly meant stuff like transporters, replicators, and warp drive.

And besides, I was making the point to Gabe. He doesn't understand nuance.

Unknown said...

WTF? Why the hell is Gabe still hanging around here, timidly attempting to play friendly with us and casually contributing to innocuous threads? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so pathetic as the troll who comes for the savage disagreement but also stays to ‘chat’ afterwards.

I wonder why someone who professes contempt for the 'nerdliness' of the site author and other commentators feels the need to hang around here and contribute a non-trivial amount of his time to general conversation.

It's like he has no fucking friends at all. Gabe, you’re travelling, right? Why aren’t you spending your limited online time writing to your friends, girlfriend, mother, brother, father, grandparents or life-partner, facebooking, flickr'ing, livejournaling or twittering rather than commenting on BD's site? Your continuing tendency to be a 'hanger on' around here speaks volumes about your own sad social existence and a need for validation. Do us all a favour, piss off and let your actions speak louder than your vacuous words.