Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I Normally Defend the Prez, But This Time...

OK, this is getting ridiculous. The President recently stated that he believes the religious story of creationism/intelligent design should be taught alongside evolution in public schools.


I do realize that he has no say in what is actually taught in schools, but it does make the leader of the free world look like a complete dumbass. One more time: Religion can not be taught in schools as fact!! It is OK to learn about them, but not through them.

ID needs to answer these questions before it can be taught as an alternative to evolution:

*Who is this designer? Is it God? Is it aliens? Invisible Pink Bunny Rabbits? For fun, do as Orac suggests and ask ID proponents if the desinger is God. Normally they will not give an answer, or say that there are no limits. Then ask if it is Pink Invisible Bunny Rabbits or Giant Lizards. L. Ron Hubbard I love Orac sometimes...

*How do you propose to prove who/what this designer is?

*How did the designer operate?

*What process was used? It is fact evolution occured, but there are many theories as to how.

*You will need to provide new evidence proving speciation and mutation occur independently
from natural selection. We have proof, show our evidence is flawed.

*Why did the designer create flaws in our design?

Start with these, Mr. President. Please provide testable ways to prove your claims as well. Please keep in mind that I stood by your decision to go to war on terror. I support fully your Medicare reform (I'm also going to make a lot of money on it!) and social security privatization. But keep your beliefs in the paranormal and supernatural to yourself, lest we seem like a country of cavemen.


Mark said...

I noticed your dismay with the two-party system in a post over at kfmonkey's blog. Personally, what I see as a way out of this situation is an alternate voting system which allows voters to more sincerely express their preferences, rather than just voting for one of the top two possibilities. Approval voting would be a good start, and pretty simple to implement: just change plurality's "Choose one" to "Choose one or more."

Even better would be a ranked choice method, though at this point things get a bit more complicated, and I doubt it would pass on a national scale. But Condorcet methods hold a lot of promise.

There's some more rhetoric on this issue at If you think alternate voting systems hold promise, spread the word to anyone who will listen. This isn't going to take hold unless people understand the options.

Ryan Michael said...

Thanks, Mark. I'll definitely have a look-see!