Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Proof our "Designer" is Stupid

Intelligent Design has been the popular topic on blogs lately, and I guess I'll keep up with the flow.

I've just found through Yahoo News a new study performed by Valerie Clark of Cornell University showing evidence of convergent evolution in Poison Frogs. The study basically shows two separate ecosystems developing the same traits over time on two different continents, South America and Madagascar.

The Boring Part, or "Here Comes the Science":

The frogs can not produce their own poison, so they feed on alkaloid rich ants to secrete the poison from their skin. Clark explains the evolutionary process involved:

First, species of ants high in alkaloids had to evolve on two separate continents. "The ants had to be there with alkaloids for the frogs to evolve to get alkaloids in their skin," Clark told LiveScience. Then the frogs had to develop a resistance to the alkaloids--instead of spitting out the ants or passing the alkaloids through their systems, the frogs became able to keep their ant dinners down. Then they evolved to make use of the alkaloids themselves. Also, both the frogs in South America and Madagascar evolved to have "don't-eat-me" skin colorings, the final step in a remarkable tale of multi-step convergent evolution.

Remarkable, no?

The Fun Part, or "Making Fun of IDiots Again"

Nice design. It doesn't make sense to me why our "designer" decided to make such a simple process so long and drawn out. Why not just make the damn frogs poisonous in the first place? I suppose that God just works in mysterious ways...oh, wait, the IDiots don't call it God anymore.

Any Intelligent Design proponent out there care to answer my question? Why did God, I mean, ID, use such a long process to provide our little Kermits with don't eat me skin? Wouldn't proper design be more like this:


And not this:



I'm going to help ID supporters right now. Yes, your Rockstar who hates the very notion of Intelligent Design is going to help them. You, ID man, can prove me wrong. Simply explain why ID went through this long drawn out process that simulates everything we know about evolution. Where are the benefits in this design? How did ID do it this way? See, science is easy and fun!! I'm talking to YOU Kent Hovind! For being a "religion masked in science", evolution sure fits pretty well here.

If you are a holder of the faith, please leave a comment. I'd love to see how you explain this one.

Wait, I'm going to use my psychic powers...there we go...

Your argument will consist of no scientific merit, only "ID works in mysterious ways".

Randi, write a fucking check right now!!

JK JR, I love you man!


Michael Bains said...

If gawd wanted dem ants to have pois'ness skin ID've given' it to'm.

This is just more proof that they are Evil and have useded there Free Will to obfuscatate Gawd's Will.

or not...

Ryan Michael said...

Perfect impersonation, IMHO. I was almost fooled till I saw the name of the commenter!