Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What We Are Up Against

Today I came upon a comment on the Bad Astronomy blog that basically sums up the silly notions the proponents of Creationism hold to this day. You can read this moron's comment in all it's stupidity here. David, an IDiot, had been arguing ID with Samara, a normal intelligent person. Here we go!

Part I, or "David Should Worship the Sun!"

Samara, your (sic) afraid of people being indoctrinated in ID???!!! Hmmmmmm……………..Lets see again. ID has been the predominant public belief of our beginings for 6,000+ years. Nothing has lasted that long.

David: first, you and the rest of your clan only recently decided to call Creationism Intelligent Design. A coy plan to mask your religion in science. Second, are you fucking kidding me??? Creationism has been the public belief for 6,000 years and that proves it's right??

People in the past have worshipped the Sun and believed that blood-letting was a viable cure for disease. Sound silly? It is.

Do me a great favor David. Ask yourself why these ideas are silly. When you have your answer, you will know why we think Intelligent Design is a very Neanderthal system of beliefs.

Part II, or "David Gets all Political and Stuff"

It is now against the law to teach ID in school.

No, it's not. It's rightfully suggested that ID not be taught in science class. Teaching ID in science class would be like Kenneth Lay teaching business ethics.

Evolution is taught to our children in school all throughout thier formidable years and into higher education. But polls show something like 70% of the population believe ID over evolution.

Please show your work. I'd like to see how the questions were asked, and what the sample was. A proper survey would include random sampling, not designated by region. It would have to give at least 3 choices: ID/Creationism, Theistic evolution, or evolution by itself. Most of the people taking the survey probably support theistic evolution, but like my father, don't comprehend the difference between Creationism and Theistic evolution.

Part III or "The Science of ID is that Evolution is Wrong"

There is no evidence of evolution.

I beg to differ shithead.

If you have evidence and want to make a quick $250,000 then go to drdino.com. Dr Kent Hovind will pay anyone with irrefutable evidence of evolution $250k. For over 10 years noone has taken the challenge.

Not correct. Hovind is a moron, and will not accept the evidence at talk.origins. He wants to see a frog give birth to a dog. Read his incredibly dense website, you'll never see a greater collection of apologetics.

Part IV, or "WTF are You Talking About??"

The big bang theory and evolution defy most of the laws of physics, thermodynamics and statistical probablities. But we force our children to learn it and nothing else anyway.

BWAHAHAHAHA! These nonsensical ideas are still around?? First, what the fuck does the big bang theory have to do with biological evolution? Second, I'm sorry my friend, even your cretinous companions have debunked the thermodynamics arguments. See here for proof. Third, the statistical probability thing is yesterday's news too. Use your wee noodle: Because we're here, we should doubt it? If I dealt you a bridge hand, the odds of getting that exact hand would be something like 13 billion to one. Should you not believe you are holding that particular hand due to it's unlikelyhood??

Part V or "Dude, You are Making This Entirely too Easy"

Contrary to all this, I can turn on the television anytime I want and see something about how we ‘evolved’ from apes. Whether it be a passing comment or a 2 hour long documentary. But it is very rare, few and far between that I see anything on ID.

You're making this easy. We didn't 'evolve from apes' you uneducated ass. Seriously, if you're gonna debunk evolution, at least know what you're talking about. We evolved from a common link. And you can turn on one of the religion channels and get all the ID goodness you like. I like the one with the fat ass nun who has big ass jowls. She makes me laugh. However, you'll not see anything on ID on a science channel, because it's not science you twit.

ID people dont try and silence evolutionists, they just want equal time. But evolutionists do everything they can to silence IDer’s. From outlawing them to google bombing them. Why? Because thier afraid of indoctrinating people in ID???!!! LOLOLOL Please.

No. You can think anything you want. If you prefer to go about your merry way thinking that Giant Lizards, Aliens, Invisible Pink Unicorns, or a magical man in the sky created everything one by one and continues to do so, then fine. Keep your faith to yourself. Scientists (that is, people who do science for my ID believing readers) do not want ID taught in science until these questions can be answered before it can be taught as an alternative to evolution:

*Who is this designer? Is it God? Is it aliens? Invisible Pink Bunny Rabbits? (For fun, do as Orac suggests and ask ID proponents if the desinger is God. Normally they will not give an answer, or say that there are no limits. Then ask if it is Pink Invisible Bunny Rabbits or Giant Lizards. L. Ron Hubbard I love Orac sometimes...)

*How do you propose to prove who/what this designer is?

*How did the designer operate?

*What process was used? It is fact evolution occured, but there are many theories as to how.

*You will need to provide new evidence proving speciation and mutation occur independentlyfrom natural selection. We have proof, show our evidence is flawed.

*Why did the designer create flaws in our design?

Part VI or "The End"

Okey dokey Creationheads. Lemme know why I'm wrong now. And please, show your work.

Class dismissed.

"Faith means believing in something you know ain't so." - Mark Twain


Michael Bains said...

Jeez! I know I'm side-steppin' all kinds of good stuff in that (and Samara was good! LOL!) but I just got totally hung up wonderin' what the hekk are the their formidable years???

In my life, that'd be most of 'em! Doh!

Ryan Michael said...

Agreed. I have no idea what he was talking about, but from reading David's comments, he has no basis in reality...

Lord Runolfr said...

The IDiot obviously meant "formative years", but he can't type any better than he can think.

Jay Denari said...

Hey, don't diss sun worship! ;)

At least it has a "deity" we can all see that actually DOES have a demonstrable necessary effect on life.

That's one reason why I think animists have the most valid religion of them all: they don't generally claim to know the "Creator" but just to honor local "deities," forces, etc., that are represented by things everyone can see, and thereby to acknowledge our relationship with other life that the monotheists ignore.