Thursday, August 25, 2005

I Think I've Had It

Today Skeptico posted an article about the White Mountain Voice Programmed Remedy Maker. To which he took it to task for being a bunch of bullshit.

Tell you what. I've had it.

We keep writing in our blogs in the hope that, somehow, reason will come to the people of the world and crap like this will disappear. Yet these con-artists continue to separate the clueless from their money, thereby staying in business. It defys all logic. Aren't we (the Skeptical Blogosphere) the good guys? Not anymore friends. Your Rockstar is going to get us the cut we deserve!!

Here's how: We're going to create our own Woo-machine, make a ton of outrageous claims about it, use real big scientific-sounding words, charge a shitload of money for it, and scoff when the so-called skeptics say it doesn't work. We'll marvel the masses with our appeals to popularity! We'll astonish them with our amazing testimonials!

I suggest we call it the Intelligently Designed Astrological Quantum Homeopathizing Titanium Prayer Wheel. It will create homeopathic remedies, Kabbalah water, and increase your athletic ability. Our Woo Machine will make your sex life better, and cleans the air in your home. It will grant you eternal life and money.

Gather round fellow skeptical bloggers!! Leave your ideas here so we can get to work on the project.

I've decided the company be named Woo Enterprises, Inc. But I'm up for suggestions. Being modeled after the White Mountain organization, Woo Enterprises Inc. still needs the following positions:

*Vice President in Charge of Apologetics

*Vice President of Biased Study

*Chief Appelate to Popularity

*Director of Big Scientific Sounding Words

Let me know what we're forgetting...


Anonymous said...

I originally had the idea to sell bottled sea water -. Your idea is more radical though.

Ryan Michael said...

Just when I finally thought I found something creative, Skeptico has already done it better...dang!

Michael Bains said...

Now now Rock! Skeptico's just pumping in the fresh ideas for Woo Ent Inc.

I suggest we start selling that bottled sea-water commercially as a saline IV drip. All we gotta do is find out which MD's follow Deepak Chopra's Medical advice and we're Golden!

Ryan Michael said...

I was thinking Skeptico should be the CEO.

Brandon said...

How do you know these so called con artists aren't doing exactly what you're suggesting?

Bob said...

Reading comprehension. Ur doin it wrong.