Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What I Really Want For Decemberween

I mentioned that I was considering once again changing the site template to turn this into the Bronze Blog, since Ryan's been away (though he stopped by recently). I'm still interested in some changes, so stuff I'd like, since I don't know html:

1. A "Recent Comments" section. The old topics get their fair share of trolls, and I'd like to let the rest of you know about it, rather than being the only one who gets a notification.

2. Some tips on how to change the borders, background, and so forth with minimum fuss. I was thinking of making some kind of tesselation of bronze hexagons.

3. Some automatic way for Ryan and me to include avatars in our posts without having to go through a copy/paste ritual.

4. A giant pile of format suggestions. Everyone has their text/background color preferences, and I'd like to know how to maximize legibility.

5. Would also like block quotes to be more than simple indented text while we're at it.


Infophile said...

Blogger help provides a few guides here. For #1, try this. For #3, check out this. Not sure about #5 yet. If that stuff is still beyond you, send me an e-mail with the code for your current template, and I'll see if I can figure it out.

As for formatting suggestions, my personal preference is towards a somewhat dark-colored background with lighter text; that tends to be easier on the eyes.

Anonymous said...

I can help out with some of that, I think. I'm no html expert, but I've learned a lot through experimentation and figuring out what I want on my own blog.

As far as formatting...I'm going to go the opposite of infophile. It's a lot easier to read with a white (or light colored) background and dark font.

Automatic way to include avatars...this probably isn't as automatic as you want, but if you go to Settings>Formatting and put in the html for BOTH of your avatars in the box for Post Template, then both avatars will automatically appear each time you begin a new post. Then you simply delete the one that you don't want.

Bronze Dog said...

Took a look at the help file for recent comments: At the bottom, they note that it only does it for the front page posts. Archives apparently aren't counted.

I'll test out the other things you two mentioned, later.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

I know people keep telling me to get away from the dark backgroud light font.

I think I'm going to move soon. Maybe even move to wordpress.

Anonymous said...

If you switch over to haloscan for your comments (it's free), they have a recent comments widget that you could use.

Infophile said...

Yeah, best to just go with what the majority prefers for the templating; don't mind my personal quirks too much.

A note on showing the avatars: The method I pointed to will definitely work if you want the avatar to appear at the bottom of each post, and will be completely automatic. I'm not completely sure, however, if you can tweak it to appear at the top, though you probably can.

Nes said...

I have to agree with Infophile, light text on dark background. It's much easier on my eyes than dark text on a light background (at least on a monitor; the opposite is true on paper). If only the comments page copied your template; I hate having a mostly white monitor shooting at my eyes.

I actually like the colors you have already.

Nes said...

Oh, forgot about the blockquote. I decided to give mine a dashed border. You can see an example here. This is the code for it, slightly modified, since I have some other stuff around it for the "so-and-so says" and "attribution" sections:

blockquote {
font-style : italic;
border-style : dashed;
border-color : #AAAA66;
border-width : 2px;
padding : 2px 4px;

(Of course Blogger won't let me use <pre> tags, so we'll see how that comes out.)
There's a fun site here where you can play around with various border styles, then copy the code for one you like, though I'd suggest viewing it in other browsers (IE at least) before using it.

Ranson said...

Put me down for the same color formatting as Info and Nes. I tend to read online in a darkened room, and that is soooooo much easier on the eyes, glare-wise.

IAMB said...

I like your format now, but the majority have it easier with light background/dark text. Both Hallq and I switched from the black to a lighter background last year because of email requests.

For the recent comments section, I'd go ask Janiebelle. I think hers works for the archives as well as the main page.

You could always check this place out...

beepbeepitsme said...

The blog looks pretty good the way it is, but by all means if you are tired of it change it.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for the dark background with light text

Anonymous said...

Could you up the contrast on things like time/date stamps, headers, and the blogroll? I have a hard time reading them. Part of this is undoubtedly due to my antique monitor, but it couldn't hoit, y'know.

Inquisitive Raven

Anonymous said...

I did dark background w/ light text because that's what I prefer.

BD is a little more giving to the peanut gallery :)

Bob said...

Decemberween? What the hell is that? I prefer to celebrate Festivus, you know, for the rest of us.

Bronze Dog said...

Click here to get thyself edumacated.

Anonymous said...

Light background dark text shows up a heck of a lot better on my monitor--I usually have to highlight the text on your site to get enough contrast to read it. Maybe things would be different if I read in a dark room or on a LCD.

Don said...

Decemberween? What the hell is that? I prefer to celebrate Festivus, you know, for the rest of us.

Decemberween is far superior to Festivus in every way. First of all, it doesn't require one to invest in a pole. That's a big plus. You know. For people who...can't...afford poles.

Plus, it's got such great carols:

"Decemberween, Decemberween/You're 55 days after Halloween."