Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Since I'm Behind the Times

I'm not all that heavy on mp3 players: I just download free bits onto my PSP on occasion from a handful of narrow sites. I am, however, thinking of expanding my variety a bit, and potentially looking for the kind of music that I might have to pay actual money for. Anyone got recommended sites for sheer variety and ease of use?

Specific craving at the moment: I'd like to listen to a bit of techno, and I don't know much about the subgenres or the people behind the music. Leaning towards the kind that'd go well with a fast-paced space shooter.

Oh, and I like Blue Man Group when they don't have lyrics: Just the makeshift instruments.


Ben said...

www.areyoufamiliar.com is good.

Bob said...

Two words. Amon Tobin. Look him up. If you want, I almost have all of his stuff...I think.

As you know, I likey the techno!

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Not a huge techno fan but if you want some hint at some Funk or jazz let me know.

JackalMage said...

Hmm. As for sites, I can recommend allofmp3. Haven't gotten anything off of them in a while, but they were good and cheap when I did use them (and still legal in Russia!).

For music, hmm. I'm not too much into techno, but if you're willing to dip a bit into the rock side (especially if you value the fast-paced bit), I suggest trying out Mindless Self Indulgence. Hell, I should have nearly all of their songs, I can send you a couple that I particularly like. They are fast, furious, and integrate a lot of electronica sounds into their music. They're kick-ass in concert, too.

And just because I have to plug them at all times, try Supreme Beings of Leisure. It's slower and smooth, some nice House/Lounge, with some songs approaching the Ambience border. But they are just plain beautiful.

Clint Bourgeois said...

Allmusic.com has been good to me in the past. They have a good rundown of all the styles of music and they used to have it in a familty tree format. Maybe it is still there, but I don't see it anymore.

Ryan Michael said...

I happen to know the guys at labeledmusic.com would mind if you downloaded a song or two :)

Can't help with the techno, though.

Anonymous said...

Not into music? Whaaa?

For space shooters or other high-adrenaline activities, I'd recommend the Blood Brothers ("Laser Life" and "Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck" in particular), Aphex Twin ("Come to Daddy"), the Ghettochip Malfunction and/or Dizzee Rascal remixes of Beck's "Fax Machine Anthem," the Birthday Party's "Release the Bats" (that's probably better for a WoW-type scenario), Kasabian's "Stuntman," My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult's "Sex on Wheels," Peaches' "Diddle my Skittle," um... the list goes on... most of it not precisely techno, but electronica/influenced.

Let me know if you want any other recommends. I'm actually working on an atheist playlist (music by/for atheists, supporting general non-superstitious principles, good old-time religion-bashing, etc.) and would love to send you a copy.

Oh, and ditto on the Supreme Beings of Leisure.

Bronze Dog said...

I do like music, I just don't feel compelled to buy often overpriced CDs for individual songs, or order obscure ones online.

The shortage of mp3 stuff is just because I'm one of those people who drags my heels when it comes to the latest mobile gizmos and such.

Anyway, I'll find some time to sift through all the suggestions.

xiangtao said...

In the spirit of rocktar ryans post, you might check out


Certainly not techno but the downloads are free if you're willing to set up a soundclick account (also free)

JackalMage said...

Heya Bronze, is that IM address in your blogger profile still active? I want to send you a quick sample of some stuff, but you don't have an email lying around (smart move).

Bronze Dog said...

I've got a gmail account. Since some spammers are probably catching onto AT gmail DOT com and the like, you can probably guess at it. Picked a rare enough name that I didn't need any underscores or numbers.

The AIM name is currently inactive, since I've been using an old cracked version and haven't transfered it to Patina.

Michael Bains said...

These are my personal faves and I'm pretty sure that all of 'em have MySpaces.

I've been to shows w/ the first 3, but the others do jam.

DJ Sasha - Chicago at the Visions NC. Best Show Yet!

Kenneth Thomas totally rang the New Year in right up at the Bleu Detroit.

Bad Boy Bill (also at Bleu) has more of a House vibe than the other two. Heavy, funky beats. Niiice.

Armin van Buren - Simply The Man.

Paul Oakenfold - The first Techno DJ I ever dug, not so popular right now, but I'm still diggin' stuff like "Voyage into Trance" and "Swordfish".

Kleinenberg - "This. Is. New York."

My nephew (DJ Sheepdog) spins and sent me this link. If'n you're into more Drum'n'Bass, check it out.

Kick it, Dog!

Bob said...

Speaking of drum and bass, I've been meaning to tell you about Dieselboy's latest mix called "Dungeon Master's Guide." That's right! A D&B tribute to D&D!

Also check out his "Human Resource." Both albums have what I consider the hardest, darkest, and most intricate D&B out there right now.

I'm going to see about recording another house mix and putting on the web somehow. Anybody know how to put an hour or so of sound on the web for free? Hell, would anybody out there like to host it?