Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Pointless, Though Often Mindless in This Case, Fun

Deflector: Death Star Jr. is under attack. You don't have any weapons, but you do have a deflector shield.

Box Head: More Rooms
: You're in a room steadily filling with rectangular zombies and demons. Good thing you've got a pistol with unlimited ammo and a lot of other guns you can pick up.

Castle Smasher: Will be much easier when they get around to inventing gunpowder.

Armor Cube: Glad they stuck in a continue option. It's the not-mindless one here.

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JackalMage said...

Holy crap Box Head is fun. Plus it's full of strategy - different rooms are best with different guns. (Hint: the ones with fairly constrained entrances are easiest, because they can be grenaded more easily)