Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pointless, But Not Necessarily Mindless, Fun #2

Brain Drop: Very short, but nice concept.

Orbit: Something you might expect to see Phil Plait toying with in his spare time.

Gateway: Also short, but with great promise.

Comboling: They beat me to making a flash game out of it.

Tangled: Kind of like what you do with Decemberween lights every year, except it's fun.

The Package: [Insert your least favorite political group] has sent you da bomb. Now defuse it.

Paths: Don't slip! That little red circle is counting on you.

Gems: Color matching. You know the drill.

Orbox B: You know those box-pushing puzzles that always happen in the Legend of Zelda ice dungeons? Yeah. That's about it, only moreso.

QWERTY Warriors: Typing tutor meets Halo.

Invader 360: Aside from the geometric aliens, the biggest danger is accidentally clicking the "play game in full screen mode" button during a game. Might want to click it first.

Bullet Bill 2: I had no ideas those little guys had such exciting lives.

NoName Game: Dang imprecise trackball.

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