Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Vocabulary Word For the Day

Squink: v. [squid + ink] 1. to throw out clouds of goo to obscure an evasion of the topic in a discussion.

Ex: "So they squink mightily to amplify the magnitude of the error..."


TheBrummell said...

I also saw this term at PZ's. Excellence.

[Adding to personal lexicon...saving...]

JanieBelle said...

It seems very similar to what I have dubbed "Tsunami of Ignorance", which is where a commenting troll just plasters irrelevant comment after irrelevant comment as quickly as possible and then says "HA! see, you didn't answer that one clause I posted 16 comments ago! I win!"

Just for fun, they sometimes mix in a few arguments you've already answered, and random verbiage with punctuation sort of stuffed in.