Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well, I'm finally doing something with PSP homebrew. I got one of the new slim PSPs, and using that for corporate purposes, like playing Final Fantasy Tactics. I'm using my old one for homebrew software.

Just recently downloaded PSPRadio, and having a bit of difficulty finding the right option so that I can listen to (and possibly record) the Capitol Steps tonight.

Anyway, anyone else do PSP homebrew (preferably of the not-horribly-illegal type) and have recommendations for games? I know I'm going to be getting Cave Story, for one, but I'd like to know about more.

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Anonymous said...

There's 4 good games right there.

Also, if you want your "slim" to play homebrew too, there's this.

Combined with this:

Which let you make a bettery/memory stick combo. If you don't have a spare "Duo" stick, you'll need to back up all the files on the one you do have. Also, the "slim" seems to have some changes to machine codes that prevent 1.50 from "working" on it, so some homebrew won't work. To be exact, two of the games from that site above won't work.