Monday, October 08, 2007

Link Dump

Just posting a bunch of stuff that's caught my attention.

It's no longer a joke: Reiki in the trauma center.

Lee Seigel is an Idiot. You probably already knew that.

Rev. BigDumbChimp wins a mug. Lucky bastard.

MarkCC did a wonderful takedown of a really big IDiot when I wasn't looking.

Halolz: Just because I don't play the latest spiffified Doom clones (and boy, am I going to get some hatin'), doesn't mean I can't find humor in them.

Bush sez NASA can't has monies. Okay, seriously. If he thinks it costs too much, he should try finding something else to trim. Governments do lots of useless things we'd be better off not funding. Besides, the US needs more sciencey things to do. We're already moving down in other fields. If there happen to be any billionaires reading this, though, consider a donation or something.

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