Monday, October 15, 2007

An Old Troll Got Even Nastier

Woo thuggery never rests, apparently. John Best, AKA Fore Sam takes after the Society of Homeopaths and attacks a weak point other than his target. Rather than deal with reality openly and directly, he takes a route even more cowardly than the woos of SoH: Going after Kevin Leitch's daughter.

Stuff I've previously done with this thug, who I will now call a thug at every opportunity: Appeal_to_Ridicule #1 & 1.1.


Bing said...

Came across this guy yesterday. Don't know anyone who is autistic, but I the guy seemed to have made such a strong impression on everyone that I followed up. 2 words: What a colossally unfunny and petty douchebag.

What's his damage?

Did he threaten someone? Because there is legal recourse for that.


Bronze Dog said...

Orac and Skeptico probably know more about the details. I hadn't been keeping up with the autism blogs as often as I used to.

Anonymous said...

It's Liz from I Speak of Dreams. Fundamentally, this isn't about autism, or the causes of autism.

It's about civility -- online, I suppose, because that is where the offense takes place, but I gather John Best, jr was also spotted at conferences wearing "Megan Leitch" name tags.

Argument by intimidation is part of it.