Thursday, November 15, 2007

Call for Doggerel

Just thought I'd see about encouraging some suggestions for the Doggerel series. I haven't been posting as much, lately, and it'd be helpful to have a fresh batch of suggestions. Useful sources and suggested helpful images would be nice as well. Back when I was starting the list, I was contemplating doing a 50/50 split between "catch phrases" and "buzzwords." I fell behind on buzzwords, and have been trying to catch up to even out the series. You should be able to grasp the meaning by looking at most of the lower end of the index right now.


Bing said... seems to have been picked up by Animal Rights People to include anything related to animal experimentation.

Just an idea. Been noticing it.


Don said...

Perhaps "animal" itself, as used by the rights dipshits. They make the surface claim that humans are just animals, a claim which would bind them to an uncompromising obsession with human rights, as human rights are then just a subset of animal rights.

Then they firebomb research facilities or flood a guy's house after threatening to kill him and his family with (natch!) a firebomb.

Bronze Dog said...

Plus, with various fundies "animal" covers quite a lot, somehow invalidating everything that makes life worthwhile. Suddenly, if they find out that animals are capable of love, suddenly love becomes a base instinct.

Don said...

Or the other way around: animals don't engage in homosexuality, therefore it isn't natural.

Oh, wait, they do? Those gays need to stop acting like base animals!

Dikkii said...

"Neoliberal" - word made up by anti-globalisationists to describe anyone with conventional views on economics. The word has no meaning outside of anti-globalisationism. (cf: "allopathy")

Drives me round the bend at the moment.

Don said...

Incidentally to my last comment, "Free Will" might also be a good doggerel entry.