Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pointless Question #12

You know those slews of generic soldiers that make up your army that never talk, and look all the same except for class and possibly gender? What do you think they're doing when you and your super-powered friends and enemies are going through a cutscene?

And why do they make you fight Wiegraf by yourself?


Anonymous said...

They watch it like a movie. Depending on the scene, they can be having a good time of it, throwing popcorn at the screen, or plotting a proper escape route for when it ends.

Enlai sez hi.

Danny Boy, FCD said...

They're busy feeding the chocobos and praying that they won't be kicked off once you get the really good characters later.

Laser Potato said...

If it's a SaGa game, they're waiting for your chapter to end so THEY can become the main character.

Ranson said...

Frankly, I'd say they're terrified of being killed in a magical backlash of some sort. I mean, even the most powerful generic characters aren't worth squat against most of the storyline folks. Except for those twins. They suck.