Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Austin Weirdness

My brother caught this in Austin last week:


King of Ferrets said...

They could have done better with the meatballs.

Don said...

Awesome, nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Keep celebrating that false figure if you want to, but that monster made of lights isn't real. There's only one real magic man who defies the laws of physics! If you don't believe, then how do you explain the miracles he performed, like turning Decemberween into Dethemberween? My belief may be a year out of date, but that's the price of the one true faith. Go drink your hot jones and celebrate the spaghetti monster and/or the Steep Deep if you want— I'll be laughing when I call you from my $20/night hotel in Las Vegas and record bootleg movies to the blank media I find in my slippers! No spaghetti monster and no amount of hot jones can match the unbeatable holiday feeling when he says "shut up" to you!