Friday, December 12, 2008

What Decemberween Means to Me

Well, there's been a lot of crap slung about on the topic of the season, mostly thanks to wingnuts like Bill O'Reilly. Personally, I think there's better things to celebrate than the birth of a magic zombie who tortures people for not loving him more than their family and friends.

First, one thing I hope to enjoy is my brother's laughter when I give him a pop culture reference as a present. We started out our interests in very different directions, but we've found a lot more in common as we grew up. He's not so much a geek, but we do have crossover and nostalgia.

Second, it's nice to have the family under one roof. I get to socialize with my brother as we play games, and we get to share some stories. Family dynamics change with him around, and we have an excuse to have dinner at nice restaurants.

Third, when Bill O'Reilly shuts up, I can enjoy TV shows about the togetherness and love (when they don't get too saccharine) and a fat guy who just wants to give out gifts, if not for some greedy or just plain mean guy trying to ruin the whole thing... Oh, wait, that'd be Bill.

Anyway, Decemberween's just a nice secular holiday for me.

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