Monday, December 08, 2008

Pointless Question #42

Why is it that young heroes and rebellious princesses keep breaking out into song about wanting "freedom" and "more out of life"? Isn't adventure and status enough?


Aaron Golas said...

Dude, they're teenagers.

King of Ferrets said...

Nah. Being a princess sucks balls, because you basically sit around and do nothing all day, or try to get pregnant if you're married in a fashion not at all fun for you. Really freaking boring. Unless you get into intrigue, in which case it sucks because people are trying to murder you and steal your status.

Young heroes, on the other hand, have no justification. Unless they haven't started adventuring yet, in which case they're random peasants who suck balls because nobody cares about them and they can be murdered just for the hell of it if there's a war or something.

Don said...

At least they're not American high schoolers breaking out into song about...whatever those little douches in High School Musical are singing about. Prom? Looking pretty? Making phat cash for Disney thanks to millions of tweens with zero taste and idiot parents?

Yeah, I'll take a singing hero or princess over them any day.

Tom Foss said...

The first High School Musical was basically "Grease" without the sex and innuendo. So they mostly sang about basketball and singing.

Don said...

The sex and innuendo was the only part of Grease that wasn't total shit!

That, and when John Travolta was trying to learn basketball and he punched that jock in the gut.

Tom Foss said...

The sex and innuendo was the only part of Grease that wasn't total shit!

My point exactly. "High School Musical" is one of the blandest, most forgettable movies I've ever seen. I can't remember a single line from a single song, and I watched the damn thing within the last six months.