Tuesday, February 03, 2009

104th Skeptics' Circle

It's up at Space City Skeptics.

Open thread as usual, but complaining about me being too busy playing with cards all weekend to put up such a simple post is FORBIDDEN!


King of Ferrets said...

I'll applaud your being too busy, then. Does that work?

Bronze Dog said...

Yeah, that's fine. :)

MWchase said...

Is it complaining if I ask you to read through the last dozen-or-so comments at DCrap? Nick's gone into overdrive, and I need some help picking up the slack.

I don't have the energy right now to figure out whether he views the soul as epiphenomenal. I would view that as a victory, but I'd still need help communicating my point.

Of course, I mostly don't have the energy because it's almost 2 in the AM and I'm apparently crazy/a college student.

Bronze Dog said...

I'll get back on later today and skim over his latest slew. Took a break since our posts were getting fatter and less directed.