Thursday, February 05, 2009

And When I was Getting Slightly Less Cynical

I was getting a tiny bit of hope from the fixed science standards. Then PZ drops this on me. A teacher's gotten suspended for being accused of being an atheist and "too liberal." Texas: Back to being DOOMED, already.

One thing that really annoys me about this is that it reminds me of a bit of high school experience. When I was in high school, some students put together a little artsy/newspaper thing called Scrum. Had dueling religious letters, miscellaneous poetry, weird student surveys with silly answers, and some bits of straight school news.

After I graduated and when my brother was attending, the new principal canceled it for being "too liberal," about the same time he instituted a dress code that didn't seem to apply to white students. If I recall, my brother went around in non-compliant flip-flops, leaving them exposed, daring them to enforce the code equally. I don't think he got anything beyond looks.

What's happening to this teacher's obviously worse, but it still strikes close to home for me. So, that's why I'm foamy right now.

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King of Ferrets said...

I really, truly hate my state for being so goddamned stupid.