Thursday, February 19, 2009

On Profanity

Well, you already know my opinion on profanity's role in arguments. Which is pretty well in line with The 2% Co's. For everything else, I finally found the TV Trope that fits. Overall, I like saving the really big profanity for emphasis.

IRL, I'm a little loose with "dammit," but I'm pretty well reserved otherwise. I like it in comedy when something knocks everyone speechless except for the prim and proper guy, who suddenly drops an F-bomb.

And of course, one thing I'd like to do sometime is, with a group who knows me for being quiet and speaking mild, proper English is drop a cluster F-bomb on some truly deserving jerk. One handicap is that I'm not terribly creative with extended curses. If life was more like TV, I could just angrily shout, spray spittle, and release a looooong high-pitched tone.

So, any favorite Precision F-Strikes?


King of Ferrets said...

Not really. I prefer to describe horrible horrible tortures to people who annoy me.

I never actually do anything about it, but their reactions are funny.

Don said...

I saw a great precision F-bomb on YouTube last week.

A bunch of people were prank calling a live call-in show on CSPAN, and most were really vulgar and sexual, and it was pretty funny. The best of the best, though, was all elegant simplicity. The host says "Caller, what do you think?" The caller responds with "I'm on the air?" The host says "Yes."

The caller pauses for about two beats and then says "Fuck."

It was golden (and it's at about 2:15).