Saturday, February 28, 2009

On Occultism

You've probably seen a growing trend of me comparing fundies with the types of woos who think they can actually perform magic. I've seen things that way for a long time, and it helped move me to where I am today. In internet groups, I met some generally nice Wiccans/neo-pagans/whatever (though I wonder if they'd go nasty if I mentioned Randi) who responded to accusations of witchcraft by saying spells weren't any different from prayer. I guess they didn't quite expect that to work both ways with me. So, anyway, onto the meme I'm thinking about:

Non-fundie Christians: I know I can be pretty harsh on the debate table, but I think we can agree the fundies who emphasize ritual over virtue, ancient superstition over obvious fact, and bureaucracy over justice deserve to be ridiculed and minimized when possible. I'm trying to think of a quick term to made into a meme. I'm leaning towards calling them something like "Hoodoo-Voodoo Christians" instead of simple "fundies," in an effort to get it in their heads how outdated and arcane they look in the face of the real, modern world.

We really need to equate exorcism, faith healing, and the like with witchcraft.

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King of Ferrets said...

Fundies rolls off the tongue more easily.