Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Woo and Conformist Thought

Last time I ranted about it, I did so quite anviliciously. I'm going to try being more descriptive in this post about the conformist themes I tend to see in woos.

First, I've seen no shortage of woos who consider the very idea of questioning their religion, magic, or whatever as forbidden.

"You just have to respect my beliefs!"
"You're just rude [for asking honest questions]!"
"Don't force your views on us [by merely talking about the issue]!"
"Who are you to criticize someone's belief?"

It just really irritates me that people who are so eager to shoot down the very idea of debate turn around and try to claim the high ground with talk of being "open-minded." One honest question can get these people to reveal their true colors. The message: Don't rock the boat. Stay within the lines. Don't ask questions. Obey the authority.

And yet, these people think they have what it takes to call themselves mavericks or whatever. Insert McCain/Palin joke. They often seem to think anything that's popular automatically deserves respect. They seem to think that passion makes a belief more worthy of consideration (unless you're a skeptic). Just do what everybody else is doing. That saves you the trouble of actually debating, researching, and experimenting to find what works best. Just follow The Leader. It doesn't matter if it's likely hurting anyone.

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