Friday, December 25, 2009

Pointless Question #73

Okay, so Santa's elves make lots of toys. Back in the day of wooden trains, ball-in-a-cup, and stick ball, that was fine. These days, however, where brand recognition is everything, why isn't he, for example, getting his pants sued off by Hasbro for making a few thousand perfect counterfeit Optimus Primes?

And don't get me started on all the software.


James K said...

Would you mess with Santa?

He knows where you live and can get into any house without anyone noticing.

MWchase said...

That reminds me of the preposterous epileptic trees that TVTropes had planted around Altaïr.

One day, Santa's descendant will be forced to relive his long life, and every time he is seen, the simulation will break down a little more.

Rhoadan said...

Two words: Licensing agreements.

Dark Jaguar said...

Well why do you think he lives in the North Pole? He's outside the juristiction of every country on Earth.