Friday, August 25, 2006

Robert Lancaster Moves Onto Bigger Game

The creator of Stop Kaz is opening a new website: Right now, it's just an intro page, but knowing the treatment he gave Kaz, we can expect that Sylvia Browne won't be able to breathe in a dishonest manner without being heavily analyzed for it.

And that is exactly as it should be.

I think I may start a weekly analysis of her appearances on Montel, since I've been told she shows up every Wednesday. May even catch a rather nasty mistake like this one sometime... Though I think I should probably figure out a way to put some of the better clips online for perusal. My DVR has a USB port, so there might something I can do with that.


Anonymous said...

If you cant make the USB thing work, you should try buying a VCR->DVD kit called DVD Maker.
I've got the european version of this kit (
which pretty much enables you to capture live television directly to the computer through the USB/Sound card.

Anonymous said...

the above post was by the Fire, btw....

*Grumbles about learning to use comments*