Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So, Any Nuttery You'd Like to See Eviscerated?

Well, Ryan made a comeback post, so I held off for a while, not wanting to push it off the front page, but life at the Ramblings must go on. I've become somewhat reluctant to visit woo pages and such, since I just know I'm either going to feel compelled to gut each one, spending far too much time on it, or I'm going to be overwhelmed by the mass insanity.

So, one exercise I'd like to leave for the readers: Pick out a woo website (preferably non-ID/Cretinist, since I do those often enough in the comments of other blogs) for me to tear apart.

  • Please try to make sure it's not just a slop of pseudoscientific gibberish. I prefer the stupidity to be intelligible... er, I think you know what I mean.
  • Doggerel Challenge: See if you can find a website that uses all 33 (thus far) Doggerel entries to avoid proving anything. Or at least see how high it goes. (Probably going to increase to 34 by the end of the day)
  • Try to get it off-brand: There's no shortage of skeptical stuff on Sylvia Browne, John Edward, etcetera. I'd like to shred someone I've never heard of before.
  • Oh, and if there are any woos reading this: Try to find the best proof of whatever. I'd like a challenge, but sadly, I'm often disappointed.
In other news, an anonymous poster informed me that Sylvia will be getting back on Montel today or tomorrow. If it's tomorrow, I'll DVR it and do the standard-issue pointing out of cold reading.


Stew said...

and the entire rangeguide site. But the products they promote are wackery of the top order

Stew said...

from rangeguides "Living Water" page:
Living Water has been a field of research for me going on 20 years. My first introduction to the amazing power of water began then with these words from my great friend, Billy Joe Spurlock, "water will become the most important thing on Earth". If Billy Joe said so, I knew it was inevitable. Billy Joe is one of the world's foremost astro-physicists, specializing in nuclear wave theory, and it was he that told me many things about the ancient science of Atlantis, Lemuria, and MU. Billy Joe worked directly with Werner Van Braun and Albert Einstein. Billy Joe, and his associates sought to harness an understanding of how our universe works and to use the knowledge for the good of mankind, not like many that took the knowledge and used it for war and enslavement. Over the years we have worked together in research, proving many of Billy Joe's scientific methods

Bronze Dog said...

Took a quick look. It's already painful. Looks like a good candidate if I can pace myself.