Thursday, August 03, 2006

Spoken Like a True Homeopath

"All MD's rely on anecdotal evidence all the time. They know the patient is better when the patient says so." -Fore Sam
Oh. Wait. He's not a homeopath: He's a chelation curebie.

It just goes to show you that all quackery, and with some slight modifications to the quote, all wooism is the same. Anecdotes are pretty much the antithesis of evidence. If I believed every anecdote, I'd have to be a believer in every kind of woo, from astrology to Xenu. I've pointed this little problem out to Fore Sam, but he hasn't given me a good reason to take his anecdotes as good evidence while not taking other, contradictory anecdotes. Welcome to Moonside!

Just felt like getting that bit of medievalism out there for the world to mock. Anyone else have some juicy gems of Fore Sam's anti-wisdom to share? Figure I might as well have a catalog of his self-embarrasments to smack him down faster. Be sure to include a link, if you can.

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