Tuesday, August 29, 2006


JREF Forums mostly-lurker Ze Kraggish tells us about his groundbreaking discovery of homeopastrology.

Here's a sample of his amazing work:
The reason all of the various versions of astrology don’t work is that they ignore the homeopathic principle. Some business models propose to, “Do more with less.” Homeopathy takes this to the logical extreme -- do everything with nothing. Applying homeopathic principles to astrology we find that the weaker an object’s gravitational force on the Earth, the stronger its astrological field strength. Traditional astrology focuses on the planets, which are too big and too close to have much of an effect.

A single electron in a distant galaxy would have the strongest astrological field. However, the angular movement relative to the Earth is very slow for such a distant object. As a result, the change in its effect over the course of a human lifetime is negligible. This would be true for anything outside our solar system.

Okay. I'll stop that now, that's silly.


Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Now that my head has stopped spinning, those two paragraphs rank up there in the dumb-shit-o-meter rankings of what I've read this month.

Bronze Dog said...

It's a good thing he wasn't being serious.

beepbeepitsme said...

Welcome to the new blogroll :)

Anonymous said...

Homeopastrology just leaves me in the mood for a nice pastrami sandwich. Mmm...

Michael Bains said...

Only the tiniest bite though, eh Stogoe?