Thursday, April 26, 2007

59th Skeptics' Circle

It's at Pooflinger's.
Comment not in limericks.


Don said...

There once was a Dog from old Texas
Whose open-thread whims did perplex us
Made of copper and tin
With some trace things mixed in
We never once did let him vex us

IAMB said...

Nice one, Oh Bronze Dog
A thing refreshing to see
Even more haiku

Anonymous said...

There once was a canine of old,
Whose alloy was dashing and bold.
Though he had a tin ear,
and a gunmetal rear,
He owned lots of chew toys, so I'm told.

Tom Foss said...

There once was a Dog made of Bronze
Who blogged about frauds, fakes, and cons
With Christian or Woo,
He'd soundly argue
Then mention they're lacking neurons.

Infophile said...

That was a haiku,
That was not a limerick,
So which should I do?

An Anonymous Coward said...

Aw, man, I should have
Announced it in haiku form
On my own blog too.