Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another Big, Round Number

Since our lucky 100,000th visitor didn't leave me much to go on, an ice cream cake will be air dropped at those lat/longs by Aria. Look for a big, red, chicken-legged robot on May 1st. Sorry if it's a bit melty.

Note the spike in February: That's from PZ linking to my second bit of Image Dogtoring.

Aside from that, I think I'm getting a steady climb in traffic, despite missing out on a couple of Skeptics' Circles (both my fault: Forgot once, and was too late for another). I'll probably get a really big spike in August, when I'll be hosting the Circle. I'll give you a hint as to the theme: It'll involve one of the very few things cooler than ninjas, and you know how much I like ninjas.

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